Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Passion for Cockfighting

Some people think that cockfighting is some kind of gambling and not a sport game. Others also believed that this is a gentleman sport. As a common people would say, “Cockfighting is bad to the new generation.”

No other sport in the world could compare to cockfighting, but majority of cockers believed differently and otherwise wanted to spread across the horizon. And, more than anything else some believed that cockfighting is not a genuine sport but a way to gain huge amount of money through betting.

A form of gambling or not, of course, there is money involved here. But it is only common in any sports like boxing, basketball, football, etc. Money is always a subject because there is a cash prize at stake. That money is a reward for those participants who know how to play the game very well.

The gamefowl breeders and cockfighteers are doing their very best to have the best breeds of chicken. Most of these bloodlines are famous for its enormous and favourable skills in cockfighting. But to many cockers, money is not their motivation or primary reason why they love cockfighting. They only want to attain honor by winning prestigious derbies. To be famous for this kind of sport is already an image building.

Famous cockers only dream to be one of the million and not to get a lot of money from this sport. They know that they cannot be rich by being a cockfighter. Likewise, breeding gamefowl is some kind of therapy for their well-being. Family bonding have place on this kind of sport.

Of course, they make some business through selling chickens to getting back their expenses. For cockfighting is very an expensive sport. So, cockers need enough budgets to continue the hobby or else we will be out of the game. If cockers have enough budgets for this cockfighting; control and discipline must be exercised at all times to survive in the cockfighting world.

Some people treated cockfighters as lower class citizen and illiterate kind of persons. Of course, there were some of them, but many were professionals and with good job in the government or private firms. It seems that they forget that many of the cockfighters are businessman, politicians, engineers, doctors, etc.

Cockfighting is a sport for all who love to enjoy and have some fun. Even ordinary people can do this at their own expense. They can bet according to the capacity of their pockets. Knowing the positive side of this sport, still, many organizations are claiming its negativity in the society.

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