Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to Manage People in Our Farm

In the gamefowl industry, the farms are managed by the owners or they hired someone to do the daily operations. Every farm manager has its own way of dealing their workers or team. Good treatment for farm workers is the basic and vital character of being a good manager.

We cannot deny that there are some farm managers that really good in handling people, while there are some naïve managers or owners who do not have time bonding their team.

Different ways to enhance these factors in people handling that could uplift the productivity of the farm. Likewise, the workers as people, they need fair management and good treatment. Don’t be too bossy like in the office setting because in the farm it’s much different in environment. Of course, professionalism is the key but treating the workers fairly is another thing.

The owner can operate the farm with workers but be sure that your management style fits with them. Knowing that you’re the owner, it means that you have the authority over them, but don’t overlook the main concept in running the farm. Yes, they are ordinary people and just working for them. But remember that having harmonious relationships pave the way for success because if everyone is happy they are inspired and focus with their work.

Farm manager or the owner can learn something from the experts on how to deal with people. Likewise, new information in managing people and the laws that come with it must be known to them and you know it as well. The main reason they are working for you is that they need it for their families. And the loyalty for you comes next when treatment is excellent.

The best aspect of running a gamefowl farm is a humane treatment of the people around the place. The respect that you get can be returned by your people afterwards. Show by example and the model for them that trust will be instilled.

Treating them as friends or like family member is the best thing to do that could enhance the bond between an authority, trust and loyalty. Suggestions coming from farm workers must be acknowledged into the system of operation. Encourage them to open up or suggest positive ways for the development of chickens or the farm itself.

Because they are on the farm daily, they know the ins and outs of the farm. So, they have a lot of observations and as a farm owner, you need to know that also. Whatever they suggest, as a boss in the end still you’re the one who can decide. The bottom point is you know how to listen, and you’re an open minded person. Listening up to them is one way to show that you care for them.

Give credit to your team or another way to treat them personally when winning a derby. In fact, without them, you will never reach the highest level in cockfighting. Some financial incentive will do them good and loyalty ensues. And, if they can get a reward from you they will pursue more to achieve many championships.

Therefore, good treatment and fair management is the core of good farm operations. Always take good care of them and be supportive for their well-being and families too. The work in the farm must be extended also to their loved ones and your help in another form. This way, they will give their 100% effort and talent to their work towards the farm.

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