Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Few Versus Many Bloodlines

Chicken bloodline is the most important aspect of breeding chickens for cockfighting. It’s really vital for some cockers who truly believed that their chickens have the edge from the start up to the cockpit arena.

Breeding-style for cockers is not only the most advantageous but also proven by majority in cockfighting industry. Their method of breeding conforms to their beliefs and personality that really goes wherever they are. Chicken bloodline is really the key in winning and gaining financial standing in the cockfighting industry.

There are some breeders that they love to maintain so many different bloodlines in their farm. They treat every bloodline as special because every gamefowl has their own characteristic and they want to discover what it is. Discovering and exploring bloodlines to bloodlines and maintaining it according to cocker’s choice. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s Kelso, Roundhead, Hatch, Dom, etc. If they can acquire all the bloodlines in the world, they will do it. But of course, it is still depends on the capacity of their budget and to the cleverness of a breeder.

It’s not easy to maintain many bloodlines and breeders know it. But they accepted it and considered this as a challenge. For they love to do a lot of experiments. When they become successful that’s already a great accomplishment and they will feel the fulfilment as a breeder. There are lots of planning and requirements to deal with multiple bloodlines.

Some breeders maintain two or four bloodlines in a farm to greatly monitor and discover something useful in the making. While cockfighting still exists in most areas, more breeders are becoming innovative to pursue their dreams. The experimenting part is the most tiring job so far second to conditioning chickens.

So, they breed only their favourite bloodlines with interest and vigour. Cycling the bloodlines is the only way they can save a lot of time and energy. Not only monitoring the development but only infusing in other bloodlines.

The assurances of getting the best chickens are rare but experimentation of other bloodlines can do better than nothing at all. When positive result is achieved, they convince other breeders to do the same. Some breeders really make their own signature bloodline and develop the best they could.

Breeders who maintain multiple bloodlines is called “chopsuey” breeder. But limited bloodlines also have disadvantages and advantages. But make sure that maintaining only the best chickens. It is better if you acquire it from the respected breeders in the country.

So, as a breeder, you have still a freedom what to choose and maintain the best you could. These bloodlines should be undergone constant conditioning up to cockpit arena. You can make adjustment afterall and contented with what you aspire for them in the future. Experimenting chicken bloodlines is a continuing process of learning for breeders and cockers. Always learn about your trade and be knowledgeable for the good of your passion.

High percentage of winning in the cockpit is the measure that you reach the success of your experimentation and hardships. It goes well to your financial success and fame too.

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