Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Bacolod City: Gamefowl Center of the Philippines

Valentina Killer Grey of Melque Benedicto

In cockfighting industry many provinces in the Philippines have their own integrity and characters as to why they are famous, in terms of products and services. Like Bacolod City in Negros Occidental also known as the City of Smile and for their Masskara Festival has its own ways in uplifting its custom and traditions.

Popularity of the unique and delicious way of marinating and grilling “chicken inasal” had been famous nationwide. The procedures in preparing and cooking chicken made Bacolod City – the grilled city in Visayas Region. Also known for their sweet delicacies that truly vibrates the place to its fame.

Cockers from Bacolod City are very talented in breeding the winning chickens that’s why they are famous as gamefowl breeders. The fame and good reputation would never change as the original breeders in the Philippines. Cockers knows that Bacolod City is where they can find bloodlines of chickens that truly fight in the cockpit arena and really good in cockfighting.

Likewise, Bacolod City and its neighboring towns, having good environment is a major factor why their chickens are strong and healthy. Many farms in Bacolod City are located in high areas. So, the weather there is so different compared to the farms located in low areas.

Some cockfighting enthusiasts in Bacolod City are travelling to Manila and any part of the Philippines to sell their fighter chickens. They called themselves “viajero” in Spanish, a.k.a “biyahero in tagalog” or vice-versa. But some cockers are travelling going to Bacolod City to personally purchase chickens. However, there some way that they can buy chicken from Bacolod City. The chicken owner will shift their order through cargo and it will be picked up at the airport. But of course, it’s a right move if you will personally visit the farm because you can choose and spar the chicken. So, you will know that if it would fit with the fighting style you’re looking for a chicken.

Farms of respected breeders the likes Lance Dela Torre, Danilo Hinlo of DVH Gamefarm, Mayor Juancho Aguirre,who is very popular with his Greys and Lemon 84, Vic Yulatic, the very influential Lacson Family and many more can be found at Bacolod City and nearby areas only. 

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