Tuesday, December 1, 2015

History of Cockfighting

Photo from ultimatefowl.com

Cockfighting is an oldest form that really exists until today. In recent times, more sport’s concepts are created by many enthusiasts and sportsmen around the world. The most popular are basketball, volleyball, wrestling, boxing, badminton, bowling and other much-to-be-desired games for outdoor and indoor activities.

In ancient times, the first humans venerated the gamefowl bird and treated as sacred especially chicken. By this notion, the ancient people in Greece associated it with their Gods and Goddesses like Apollo, Mars and Mercury. They built temples in honouring the gamefowl for protection from evil spirits. They believed that it can protect their people and warriors in time of war.

Even ancient Rome, the Roman warriors believed that gamefowl were inspirations for their fighting skills, because gamefowl fight until the end. Like Roman captain Themostocles conducted derby before they go at war. He motivated his soldiers by observing the characteristic of the gamefowl bird which is very brave and never surrenders until they die in a battle.

Also, it seems that cockfighting was old as the human civilization. But no one can pinpoint who were the first persons who played cockfighting? We only knew that gamefowl birds were born to be a fighter; braveness was very natural for them.

Other historians believed that cockfighting exists before Jesus Christ was born. In ancient Rome, they made humans as gladiators to fight in the arena. And later, they utilized gamefowl as replacement in fighting. It was a favorite past time of the ancient people and a favorite sport of Julius Caezar that believed as one of the first individuals in Rome who really loved this spectacular sport. As a cockfighting fanatic, he was not only promoted it in his territory and also brought it in England.

Cockfighting in 16th century was relatively popular at once with common people. Even during the term of Henry VIII cockfighting was held at White Hall Palace. It became a national sport in England and breeding and conditioning chickens were taught in exclusives schools. But when Victoria reigned, the cockfighting was already banned. As of now, there are still some gamefowl breeders in that country, although there government don’t recognize cockfighting.

Right now, at present times, cockfighting’s still the popular sports for wealthy and common people. It gets wider audience and getting bigger for it reached-out for every province as their regular leisure time. Some places banned cockfighting and they named it as illegal.

Other people preferred to breed gamefowl only on their places and find cockfighting derby for betting in another area. Likewise, some American cockfighters are visiting the Philippines and Mexico just to join in a derby. They are the true-bloodied cockfighters who can express what they want in life.

 More and more American people are hoping that cockfighting would be back in America. Likewise, the Philippines could spread this cockfighting to another level wherein more Filipinos can generate income out of this sport.

Most cockers know that cockfighting is not bad or not a criminal act. It’s just a pastime for some, job for others, but the main objective lies with the personal touch of every cockers. 


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  2. Themistocles was a Greek leader not a Roman who fought against the Persian Empire.