Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Fight of One Legged Rooster

                 Filipinos really love cockfighting. Where ever you go, you will see roosters, even the poorest one is taking care gamefowl in their backyard. This is a proof that cockfighting is already a part of our culture. Anyway, in our country there is a different derby like bantam derby, stag derby, cock derby, bullstag derby, etc. But the video that we featured in this site is really unique. The owner of one rooster agreed to fight his chicken even it has only one leg. Yes, it has a gaff also, but you will ask yourself, how the chicken could defeat his chicken if he has one leg only? It is like you’re a contestant in a marathon but you have a limp foot. It is impossible to win unless the fight is fair or the opponent of your rooster is also a one legged.

                Maybe this fight is just for fun. Let us see the video to find out what would be the result of this another crazy fight!


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