Sunday, November 1, 2015

Baby Canillas of Spanichi Gamefarm

Marcelino “Baby” Canillas believed that breeding chickens is a continual process of learning. He’s from Spanichi Farm located at San Pablo, Laguna. Baby loves chickens during his childhood years and continued to elevate into passion. But before loving these chickens, he actually doesn’t like chickens and kicked it because of its annoying character. Experiences taught him to love chickens and cockfighting is truly the answer.

He was a wide knowledge of the gamefowl industry through his experiences and learning from expert cockers. He applied to his breeding the techniques he learned especially the scientific approach and doesn’t believe in superstitious ways.  You have to prove to him the basis of your techniques before proving the result.

Baby is a full time breeder as livelihood and he focused into his chickens only. He lived inside the farm but built his outdoor office. He considered breeding chickens as serious business and separates the revenues. He used other money for cockfighting but minimizes in betting and finds people to finance for his chickens.

Are you wondering why people called him baby? He’s the youngest among the family members and his parents called him that way. The Canillas family have Spanish roots here in the Philippines because of his physical features as a mestizo. He has a high tone of voice and like other breeders, a gentleman and with word of honor. He liked to be visited in his farm and entertained them.

The name of his farm “Spanichi” came from the word Spanish (Spa) and Chinese (Nichi). He had a Chinese friend who helped him in his farm. As a courtesy, he combined the named of those two races. His bloodlines are composed of Roundhead, Hatch. Oakgrove, Kelso, and others. 

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