Saturday, October 10, 2015

Richard Bates: A Different Approach in Game Fowl Breeding

As one of the legend of cockfighting and very close to Filipino cockers, Ricahrd Bates lived in the Philippines and breeds several bloodlines for Paul Estrellado. People admired him for his expertise in cock breeding. Staying in the Philippines gained him many friends in cockfighting scene; from ordinary cockers to big time cockers.

Richard’s upbringing during childhood (playing chicken of his father – also a cocker) kept inside his heart while keeping chicken until he grew up and became his hobby. He loved chickens so much and considered it as part of his life. Cockfighting as a sport brought new motivation for him until competing from other cockers was a passion. He wanted to win in every competition and he bred his own cocks as fighters. He dedicated his life for this sport until the age of 76 years old.

When he was still alive, he was a champion in some derbies and more people were asking about his secret. But there’s nothing about it that can be depend upon as he answered them, “I only breeds chicken with my intuition and followed the proper care and training. Well, some I believed, trial and error, and make the best as I can. Bloodline is not an issue for me but also important. The main thing is the cock fighters are good in the arena trained by myself.”  Commitment to his passion was the only reason to survive in cockfighting world. A breeder must be always successful if they put their heart in a right place. Sincerity for your passion was another thing for him.

The negative aspect of Richard’s ways to breed chickens – he didn’t know what were the bloodlines of his bred. He didn’t put much time to know it neither. He preferred the performance in the cockpit than knowing it. But he knew how the characteristic of each chicken with good performance; small head with long feathers and beautiful-bold body. It must be masculine-type of cock fighters all throughout.

He did not believe that there was a pure bloodline and duplication was not an option. There was no throwback in chicken breeding and only laughed when people were depressed because of the bloodlines. He has of course, very different way in breeding chicken but it showed during his career. We can’t ignore his principle isn’t it?

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