Monday, October 5, 2015

Mel Sims: A Legacy in Cockfighting

Many breeders have acquired his chicken when he’s still alive and that’s Mel Sims who had been a part of American gamefowl history. They believed that his bred have winning bloodline through many years.

During his childhood years, a Filipino neighbor introduced him in cockfighting and influenced him to raised chickens. The Filipino neighbor offered him to buy a chicken for 5 dollars. It was beautiful and he’s interested to get it. Since then, Mel Sims continued to breed chickens until he grew up – until his body grew weak.

He became famous in a gamefowl industry; from America to Mexico and other part of the world. His name became a household phenomenon in the Philippines for many breeders. As a cockfighter, he gained lots of championship derbies like the Intercontinental Derby (Mexico vs. USA), Golden Rooster gold trophy and cocker of the Year in America.

Mel Sims’s style of breeding consists of few four (4) bloodlines only and maintained in his farm like Hatch, Grey, Red and Kelso. He acquired the Kelso from one of the legendary cockers of America, his friend Duke Hulsey. He carefully chose and infused his breeds for the right combination, so as not to get a mix-up of bloodlines. He preferred chicken with beautiful eyes, feather and medium size body.

He joined the World Slasher Cup in the Philippines during the 90’s. He made a good fight from this prestigious derby but did not get the championship. Mel Sims was impressed by the Filipino culture because of its hospitable people and dedicated to cockfighting. Like many foreigners who visited the Philippines – a true paradise for cockers. He made friends with Filipino breeders and introduced his breeds to them. That’s why his chickens are all over the country.

He died being a true cocker and his legacy in cockfighting is still alive among breeders. They really love the breed Hatch of Mel Sims than other bloodlines because of its great performance in the cockpit arena.

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  1. Congratulations to mel sims from the islands of Hawaii