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DVH & SONS Gamefarm: A Tradition of Cockfighting

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The DVH & Sons Gamefarm is owned by famous Hinlo Family from Bacolod City, located at Bagong Silang, Salvador San Benedicto in Negros Occidental. The gamefarm is like a forest park with spectacular view around the place. The water falls added the scenic aura, the structures are very organized and a wide area to explore. Raising chickens is very suitable for this place because of its fresh air and good weather condition.

DVH & Sons is producing multitude of breeds every season. The bloodlines came from Billy Abbot and Jimmy East which consists of Kelso, Dan Grey, Roundhead and many others. But their signature bloodline is Black, favorite by Danilo Hinlo. He acquired this Black bloodline from a small time breeder who told him that it came from Gary Gulliam. He favored this bloodline because of its good performance in the cockpit arena. Danilo developed the Blacks that he acquired; he infused it Hatches and Roundhead. He was not wrong with his decision because this bloodline gave him a lot of championships.

Dante Hinlo is like any other cockers who choose their warriors in cockpit arena. He actually based his choice on weight and body conformation of the chicken; a medium body built. He truly believed in luck besides proper management and conditioning in cockfighting because every cocker nowadays is selecting good chicken to be warriors. So, proper conditioning and luck are the two factors he believed in.

The Hinlo Family is famous and already a trademark in Negros, the whole of the Philippines. There are many cockfighters and breeders who are aiming to acquire their bloodlines because they made a lot of good records in derbies.  Once, they became a Breeder of the Year in Negros Gamefowl Breeders Association (NGBA).

 The late Danilo Hinlo was the one who started to make a prestige to their family and built their farm. But when he died, his son Dante Hinlo inherited the farm. But of course, when his father was still alive; they were back to back every time there was a derby. Dante really admired his father because it taught him a lot in many aspects from chicken breeding to cockfighting. The good thing also, the son of Dante named Paul has also an interest in chicken. This is not surprising anymore because he has been exposed at an early age in cockfighting. So, the tradition of family Hinlo will continue in the future.

The father of Dante Hinlo was the one who started the prestige of the family. But when he died, Dante inherited the farm. His memories still lingered on to Dante, when he and his father were back to back every time there was a derby. He admired his father because of his teaching in cockfighting industry and also the good aspects of breeding chickens. His son, Paul Hinlo has an interest in chickens too because of his exposure to chickens during his growing years. So, the tradition lives on for Hinlo Family.

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