Saturday, September 12, 2015

World Slasher Cup: The Dream Derby for Cockers

The World Slasher Cup is considered to be the first International Derby in the Philippines. It’s held two times in a year during May and June. It was headed by Nene Araneta whose famous not only in business but also in cockfighting. The World Slasher Cup was attended by Filipino and foreign cock breeders.

Smart Araneta Coliseum’s the venue for the event and it lasts in a week, from 8-cock to 9-cock derby. It means that it gets stronger for the passing of time.

The presscon of World Slasher Cup usually held at Gateway Mall and in Balai, near the Farmers Plaza in front of EDSA. If you’re on a media group, it’s very amazing to attend because Nene Araneta brought some beauty contestants for Binibining Pilipinas or international beauty contest. The beautiful women were holding cocks while the ritual of World Slasher Cup’s going on. This ritual’s done a day before the start of derby. The presence of Dicky Lim, Nene Abello, Engr. Sonny Lago, Boy Marzo were prominent and other guests too.

Before, it was only the big time cockers were winning on this derby like Peping Cojuangco, Patrick Antonio and others. But when Rey Briones of Spartan Famefarm won, it changed the course of the cup derby because it gave other cockers a chance to win. According to Tata Rey Briones, he’s from marginalized cock breeder, but because of World Slasher Cup, his cockfighting career moved higher. He elevated his small gamefarm into a huge one while using his win. And, while he’s famous, more breeders were buying his fighter cocks. He proved that it’s not a chance in winning the cup once but for many times and that because of his bred-cocks.

Aside from Tata Rey, a non-famous breeder Engr. Sonny Magtibay of Red Cobra Gamefarm also won the cup. But before his streak, he’s a financier of Boy Tanyag of CRB Gamefarm, then, won in BAKBAKAN. Also, because of Engr. Magtibay’s win, big gamefowl feeds company got him as product endorser. Even though Engr. Magtibay won only once in World Slasher Cup, the prestige being a champion; it’s already etched in the history of cockfighting.

There were more simple cockers participated in this event but they find their own financiers. If not, they coordinated financially to be with this derby because the pot money was huge enough for them; but for big-time cockers, the pot money’s just “chicken feed.” Whoever cockers you ask, for sure they’ll answer - they dream to become World Slasher Cup Champion!

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