Monday, September 7, 2015

Women in the World of Cockfighting

In the world of cockfighting, the traditional presumption is that it’s a male-dominated sports and not for females. New generation cockfighting is becoming more flexible than before, and not only limited for men but for women as well. Any gender can join with this kind of sport and they are welcome as well.

Female cockers do also love this sport, they fell in love with it, and fact is they appreciate the beauty of cockfighting even though it’s a bloody one. Their families or relatives are against them, maybe, thinking that it is not suited for a lady. The notion of cockfighting for some people, that this is just a form of gambling and for lazy people. And, there’s nothing new with “cruelty to animals” argument.

Likewise, male cockfighters were also crucified by their families and friends until they will totally convinced them that it’s many positive aspects. Many people made the cockfighting as their livelihood and became successful.

Women involved in cockfighting have different stories to tell on how they entered in gamefowl industry. What a woman’s love with a cocker? Her husband’s love for cockfighting made the famous lady cocker Josefina “Osang” Dela Cruz of Goldquest Gamefarm to learn the ropes and continued joining derbies than her husband. She devoted her time in cockpit to prolong the passion inside.

Second in line was the adorable lady gaffer Robie Yu Panis, farm manager of Firebird Gamefarm, owned by Biboy Enriquez. She was a former hotel receptionist in Sulo Hotel formerly owned by Biboy who hired her as a receptionist in his farm and promoted to a higher position. Robie Yu Panis is the Princess of Gaff because of her pleasing personality that captured the Philippine cockfighting arena. Because of her popularity she was featured several times in magazines and television programs. Through her connection with Biboy Enriquez, she became more popular ever since. She discovered the gamefowl industry and explored it with vigor. Before, she doesn’t have any idea what is cockfighting all about. She became hooked and love the game that Robie influences other critics of the sports to join and discover the beauty of cockfighting.

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