Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Undying Love of a Cocker

This poem is dedicated to all the gamefowl enthusiast around the globe.

The love of cocker is fearless
Ever ready to fight like a feathered warrior
Wounded but never defeated
Until my last heartbeat I am with you!

The love of cocker is tenderness
Night and day, I will hold you tenderly 
My love for you is like a fervent prayer 
I wish to heaven the life everlasting.

If you love me, undying care I will give
Together with my cocks, we feel the happiness to live
Do not be jealous of them because you are special
You are their Queen and they’ll love you forevermore.

What others will say, do not be deceived
You only had to suffer with me from time to time
Because I was a gambler, always in a cockpit
Betting for my cocks instead of feeding my family?

I’m a Beast…brutal and cruel!
So I forbid you to be with me
Once we’re united I said unto thee harsh
Indeed, what a judgmental beast!

But that's just mere rumors
They’re just wagging their tongues 
Only, they not fully understand the cockfighting
It's a sport not just gambling as what they thought.

If I'm willing to gamble madly
Not money, I would risk to bet my honor and integrity
They know they are losing their vices
You can tell the world how sweet to love a cocker!

Promise, in my care, you’ll never have misery 
I will put out the doubt and mistaken idea on you
I can prove to you that I am a true person

As long as you love me, you’ve happiness forevermore!

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