Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Culture of Cockfighting

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When you’re on the cockpit, there’s no other deafening noise that can beat it, even in the marketplace. The outcry of the wagers bounds no limit. They’re so excited for the result of the fight. With this kind of game, there’s no rich or poor, everybody’s into betting; be it low or big wagers. But it depends who you’re betting with; even though some famous personalities are into this cockfighting.

Cockfighting is a widespread game across the Philippine archipelago, even in Spanish era. It’s believed that cockfighting came from Luzon because the word “sabong” and “tari” originated from old Tagalog words. But do you know that since 300 B.C. that there’s cockfighting in Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.? And, it’s known in the Kingdom of Persia by Zoroaster. They made this as an example for their daily lives. They educate the people that cockfighting taught them how to fight properly, waking up early in the morning, giving food to their families and protect their wives when they messed up with somebody. Even the famous Greek philosopher Socrates was supporting cockfighting. The famous cockfighting spreads in England who’s well-known for its conservative government. It’s believed that Henry VII made it as a national pastime.

But not all was in favour for cockfighting because it’s some kind of game or vices. Besides, other people treated this as a brutal way to treat fowls. They compared cockfighting like a “Gladiator Fight” long time ago in Rome – a bloody fight between two fighters. The only difference – they’re using cocks for fighting. One more thing, it’s because of cockfighting many families lost their valuables and money. It’s a proven fact that most of the people into cockfighting only depend on good luck.

They reasoned-out that people who are very interested on this cockfighting, that it’s only a sport or leisure. One more thing, cocks are slaughtered-kind of fowls only. The government send their armies into war, why the cocks cannot? They are religious kind of people that they have "Kristo" – others joke about it: they called it "Kristo" because they are outspread their arms when they begin to call, wagers are shouting “meron o wala.”

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