Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Beautiful Body Type of a Chicken

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Different breeders have choices when selecting the quality of chickens to breed and maintain. Some preferred the looks of Sweater but others explored the fighting-style and performance. The bloodlines of chickens are the most important thing to consider when selecting an option.

Sweater create looks and characteristic too when it comes to fighting. But the most important thing is the performance; likewise, the looks and body type of a chicken. Moreover, it’s your choice that really matter but considering the veteran’s cocker understanding of some chicken breeds.

So, how do we choose the body type of breeding material or fighting cock according to your choice? There is always common denominator for selecting the best fighter chicken as much as possible. Let’s say like an athlete, it needs stamina and energy to maintain the strong muscles for training and great pain it may encounter. The same is true with the chickens, it needs great performance!

Selecting the best part of chicken’s body must be proportioned. Likewise, it is very important indeed! On the other hand, medium body size has a lot of advantages when it comes to fighting in the cockpit. It moves steadily and its easy movement gives advance point to its opponent. But for small and big chickens, they are not comfortable to give faster fighting strikes compare to medium build.

If we compare it to human, it is like a heavy guy who has slow body movement. If that would happen, just hope you’ll be a loser. And if your chicken has a small body, yes it can move faster, but because if its shortness, there’s a tendency that the gaff can’t reach to the body of the opponent.
Understanding your fighter cocks might not be easy, but learning them carefully will be your worth. Always on the safe side and do the right thing. Never let other cockers intimidate your way of breeding fighter cocks.

So, better on the right track always for a sure win and build confidence for your breeds. Some breeders are combining large broodcock with good quality small hen because there’s a big possibility that the offspring will be a medium chicken. Balance in breeding proved to be the best possible way for success. Now, who will say that size doesn’t matter to chickens?

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