Monday, September 21, 2015

Robie Yu Panis,Princess of Philippine Cockfighting

She’s beautiful with natural charisma but notorious in cockfighting world. Some knew her as humble and kind that every cocker would love. She’s already featured in various TV programs and magazines. She is no other than Robie Yu Panis, the Lady Gaffer star.

She was recruited by Biboy Enriquez to work as a farm receptionist estimating the client status, replying to all inquiries and was promoted as farm manager – overall in-charge of the operations of Firebird Farm. Before, Robie worked as a receptionist in a fitness center and a hotel owned by Biboy. once she dreamed to be a flight attendant. She was amazed why she’s part of the cockfighting industry but never regretted because she’s earning decent income with her current job.

Robie was a lady gaffer - usually a male job in cockpit arena. But why she’s doing this work? It’s a chance of a lifetime for beautiful lady like her. Biboy Enriquez enrolled her in a seminar with Teddy Tanchanco and one of the subjects is about gaffing. She’s undergoing gaffing lessons of course by the veteran gaffers like Jun Gayosa, Noli Estrellado and Albert Margen. Now, she was known as the first lady gaffer in the Philippines while others call her Queen Gaffer. She’ll be happier if you’ll call her Princess Gaffer. Biboy Enriquez was fond of recruiting lady workers to his farm.

Robie Yu Panis Firebird Gamefarm’s gaffer was always seen holding her gaffing materials every cockfighting session. Male cockers were astounded by her gaffer skills and also her beauty, but beware she’s tough. There are some cockers who underestimate and teasing her because cockfighting is a men’s sport. Her reason was, “If men could gaff, the lady’s too!”  But according to her, it’s not matter what’s your sex preference, the important is you could do a good job. There’s nothing special with a lady gaffer, but the skills and good touch in chicken counts a lot. At first fight, she also feels nervous but she becomes aggressive in their next fight. Like a soldier when gets wounded, she will be fighting more and more.