Saturday, September 12, 2015

Peruvian Craze in the Philippines

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           At present, Peruvian chicken breed is famous here in the Philippines. More Filipinos engaged in cockfighting are breeding this kind of chicken because of its ability and style when it comes to fighting other cocks. When conditioned properly, not only as a multiple shuffler kind but it has stamina and strength. But, be very careful in handling this breed all throughout the sparring session.

            Some people engaged in cockfighting are wondering why breeding this kind of cock when in fact, it has 3 to 6 kilograms in weight which is not acceptable in the cockpit arena here in our country. There’s weight limit in every normal cockfighting and Peruvian breed cocks are not included, right? One more thing, this breed won’t go unnoticed by its weight but also its strength. But right now, this is not a problem anymore!

            Of course, there’s no Peruvian Derby here in the Philippines but they can lessen its weight. More Filipinos are into cross-breeding this Peruvian cocks with Western fowls.  One of them is Mr. Vic Lacsao, the BAKBAKAN 2012 Champion who managed to cross-breed and conditioned his cocks for fighting. But some Filipinos preferred pure Peruvian-bred because they are selling outside the Philippines like Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.

            According to Ultimate Fowl Wikipedia, Peruvian gamefowl comes from Peru and are a fairly old breed of gamefowl, dating back to the 1600s possibly earlier. They were developed by crossing 7 various Oriental gamefowl with Old English Games and Spanish gamefowl. The Oriental breeds mentioned mostly were Shamos, Jungle fowl, Sumatra, Malay, and Asil as well. This chicken breed has different in size and strength.  The best example of these cock breed are Asil and Shamos. That’s why they are expensive compare to Western fowls.

            The Peruvian chicken breed is famous right now for Filipinos but we can never say until when? Breeding of this kind is still on-going for most people.  Maybe it’s possible, that in the future, there’s Peruvian Derby everywhere. Well, of course, it depends for the cockfighting enthusiast to continue this breeding craze in cockfighting.


  1. di na ako magbreed kung ganito ang manok, di maganda pangkatay lang tulad ng pre range chicken ng france.

    1. try mong e laban pinakamagaling mong manok sa peruvian tingnan natin kung sino ang pangkatay

  2. Maganda magpàrami ng lahi nito pra s tupadà sure ang panalo at pera....👍

  3. I have them here in the United States, North Carolina, however sold out until June of 2016,, (Pure $ 1500.00 per trio), (Cross $ 900.00 per trio)