Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Patrick "Idol" Antonio, an Icon in Philippine Cockfighting

He was considered as one of the institution in cockfighting in the Philippines. A well-known cocker and idol for many Filipinos including prominent breeders like Biboy Enriquez because of his expertise in the field cockfighting. His name is Patrick Antonio, a 6th time World Slasher Cup Champion and a consistent contender in that prestige derby. He’s always joining in other big derbies like Candelaria International Derby, BAKBAKAN, NCA and many more.

The reason why Patrick Antonio became a household name, it’s because aside from World Slasher Cup Champion he’s also a multiple NCA Breeder of the Year. He’s famous in every part of the Philippines; his name has always been cited in every gathering and set as an example of a good chicken man. He’s a hands-on kind of breeder in every fight and the one who put his gamefowl on cockpit arena. Other cockers are not doing this because they’re afraid to be hit by the gaff of their chicken.

He achieved many championships and making noise in the world of cockfighting since 1980’s. Of course, like any other sports, losing is not an option. Winning is always the focus and first priority of his cockfighting endeavor. But sometimes, unlucky, it came once in a while but it doesn’t affect his popularity.

He has a gamefowl product called Sagupaan wherein, his fans also using it. Patrick Antonio was already an established name because he’s very good in terms of chicken selection. He knows how to work with chickens and trained to be more competitive through good performance. Patrick is a breeder with good bloodlines and many more.

Why other big time breeders are not good as Patrick?

Patrick Antonio answered, “Resources are a big factor in chicken breeding but exploring natural talent to be successful is tough.” Other believed that not all chickens on his farm are his own but instead buying from other breeders and trained it to his farm.

In person, Patrick is very calm but not snobbish. Others call him “idol” but he will only smile to them. A very popular man but he always stays his foot on the ground. Patrick is not boastful but also a good cocker-breeder with good heart, that’s why his kindness paved him to be a politician.

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