Monday, September 21, 2015

Osang Dela Cruz, Lady Idol in Philippine Cockfighting

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Osang de la Cruz is one of the top lady cockers in the Philippines that changed the perception of cockfighting as a gentlemen’s sport. Even women nowadays are participating in this kind of sport. She has a soft voice and gentle moves but in cockfighting she never afraid of anyone. She challenges everyone when she believes that her warrior bird can compete in the cockpit arena. Osang is always present in big-time derbies all over the Philippines.

She is well-known as Osang in the gamefowl industry, owner of Goldquest Champion Gamefarm and uses the name everytime in derbies she attended. A member of Rizal Gamefowl Breeders Association headed by Joey Sy. She has a lot of accomplishments as a cocker because of its two time PCAP Cocker of the Year (2008 and 2010), an RGBA Breeder of the Year in 2007and a solo runner-up in NCA World Championship and Bullang-Bullang Bullstag Derby runner-up in 2009.

In her farm as breeder, Osang have chicken bloodlines came from Mel Sims, Dink Fair, Brazilian Gold and many others. A very hands-on lady cocker and breeder for her chickens together with seriousness for her craft; ensuring that her chickens are in good condition always.

Osang’s husband is a cocker that she accompanied him in the cockpit and by observing the sports, eventually hooked into it. Her husband noticed that she has a good touch with chickens and knows to evaluate a good cock fighter. Her husband gave her the freedom to breed chickens and be involved in gamefowl industry. This was her history and from there on, she reached a milestone to her journey as a breeder and cocker. Her expertise gained respect from other cockers and some companies offered her as product endorser like Power Bullets, Hagibis and Lakpue.

She represents women in cockfighting world and considering her as their idol. She inspired women cockers and aspiration to be like her. She’s a lady cocker who’s a legend in cockfighting and proof that any women can pursue in this kind of sport. Learning the trade is passion but also it coordinates with learning, skills and talent.

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