Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mamie Lacson,Premier Gamefowl Breeder in the Philippines

Emmanuel "Mamie" Lacson is one of the first premier gamefowl breeder in the Philippines and one of the big man of cockfighting before. He was influenced by his uncle Don Ramon Lacson anf Don Basikli Lopez. When he was in college, he started to learn on how to breed chicken.Until he costructed his own gamefarm inside the sugar plantation of Hacienda Zaragosa located at Maao, Negros Occidental. Later, he transfrred his gamefarm in Mambukal, Murcia in the land owned by his wife.

Harold Brown, the American breeder helped Mamie in layouting of his farm and he called it Cirle L Gamefarm. He knew this American breeder in the year 1964 and until then, he became his mentor in gamefowl breeding. Because of his connection with Harold Brown, he got an accest with Curtis Black, Johnnie Jumper, Oscar Akins and other American Breeders. They got his broodstock from them. Of course, he got cocks from Harold Brown.

It's Mamie who's known as the father of the gamefowl breeders association created in Negros, including the United Negros Breeders Association (UNEGBA) who made the  first derby circuit in Bacolod City. This association also hosted the Western Visayas International Derby in which Mamie participated together with Richard Bates who presented as a runner-up.

In 1980, Mamie created the Negros Gamefowl Breeders Associoation (NGBA) that he managed for 2 consecutive terms. The NGBA organized the first stag derbies outside Manila. In the year 1992, he founded the Gamefowl Breeders Association of Negros GFBAN). He led this association for two terms.

One of the championship that Mamie won was in First National Breeders 6-Stag Derby in Teresa Square Garden. He gor a perfect score using his feather warriors that he called "Black Stags" show of Bleface Mclean Hatches and Hatch Grey.

Mamie Lacson died in the year 2000 while serving as lay minister in one of the church in Bacolod City. Before he died, he served as head of GFBAN's advisory Group. To prove that until his last breath,he has the blood of being a cock breeder. He was long gone but his name etched in the history of cockfighting in the Philippines. Joey Lacson, his son, inherited the Circle L Gamefarm and continued its journey in the cockfighting world. 

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