Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dink Fair, Veteran Gamefowl Breeder in America

 It was Dink Fair of Spring Creek Gamefarm considered to be one of the veteran cocker. His breeding cocks were famous for cockers all over the world. 

He’s nine (9) years old when Dink Fair knew about the world of cockfighting. He’s so amazed while watching the cock’s fight to each other and inclined to love it.

You know what? Dink Fair worked in the chicken farm before he became famous as gamefowl breeder of the world? He stopped being a breeder when he went to Vietnam War. After the war, he came back breeding cocks for cockfighting and very fortunate for his career as breeder because of his cockfighting breeds.

Unfortunately, one day, he falls from a tree trying to catch the roosters. He got a broken arm that made his life miserable. After the unfortunate moment happened to him, he put the White Hackle to fight in Kansas, Texas and won. He used the prize money to pay the rent and other expenses.

Dink Fair has different breeds of cock including Albany-bred that he got from Johnney Moore. Also, he has Kelso and Chocolate Grey from Johnnie Jumper. The Chocolate Grey-bred was paired with the Roundhead that he got from Junior Belt.

His Pussom and Sweater breeds - he got from Carol Nesmith. The Sweater was his favorite because he observed that it can fight with strength and power. He partnered Carol Nesmith because of his fond in Sweater-bred cocks until he named it Dink Sweater.

Dink Fair has $5,000 cock which he paired with Radio-bred hen for one year. He produced 40 chickens that gave him 36 wins, 2 defeats and 2 even at Long Knife Derby in Sunset.

Because of his fortunate wins, other people thought that he has complete breeds, but it did not hinder him to stop. Dink Fair was already a veteran in breeding cocks but he kept on finding the best bloodlines from his inventory. For him, it’s very important that he knows the bloodlines of his cocks. But never forget the original system of breeding cocks that gave winning streaks. He tried other ways in pairing some bloodlines but it gave negative result. The most vital thing in breeding was keeping the original bloodlines while experimenting to other breeding system.

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