Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cockfighting in the Internet World

It cannot be denied that we are on the Internet Age as of now. More information is utilized for internet users all over the world; in one click, information’s feed right away. Likewise, the social media brought unification to all of us. Of course, one of the subject matter in the internet is Bayang Sabungero that uses this new method of technology to inform and educate us about cockfighting.

The good about cockfighting is natural and friendly, not only for personal but for internet too.  Like for example, the Facebook profile page can give the positive image and information about your fighting cock. It gives more likes, comments, shares and followers when it comes to great presentation. Not only that, people with the same interest will share and follow each other which makes them famous and can be trusted upon. Promotions of cock breeding and health products can be pushed-up through making a Facebook page of its own. But when it comes to cockfighting, Facebook is the answer, where people could find friends online and in real life.

When it comes to cockfighting, Sabong.Net website has more members and very energetic for their endeavor. Different topics about cockfighting are being discussed from cock breeding up to cock conditioning. And, because of the internet, cockfighting can be watched through YouTube too! Even on TV, people can view the uploaded video of cock derby at Tukaan or Sabong TV.

Through the internet, live streaming of cockfighting is also available. People can watch anywhere in the Philippines. Even abroad, online cockfighting is available that could erase homesick because there’s no actual cockfighting abroad - it’s against the law of the land. Remember that the Philippines is the capital in cockfighting of the world. But OFWs can “live stream” at Sabong Pinas Live, Sabong eXtreme, My Sabong and many more.

Likewise, more cock breeders are selling their fighting cocks in the internet like OLX, and other sites. This is good way to sell breed-cock online because it’s very easy and very comfortable when the farm’s very far. But sometimes negative transactions do occur and negative element comes in. But trusted cockfighting sites are usually the winner for this kind of transaction.

One of the bad aspects in online selling of breed-cocks: when other sellers use the famous name and cannot deliver the cock itself. It’s a scam that can be aware of always. It’s better to check thoroughly the site and be sure not to pay beforehand when you’re in doubt.

Cockfighting is a sport (and livelihood to others) that can be proud of but be aware of its negative elements; be it online or in real life. Hoping that others will not use this in a bad way to cheat other people and defeat its purpose.

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