Friday, September 18, 2015

Carol Nesmith: An Excellent Gamefowl Breeder in America

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The passion to become a breeder is a lifetime journey and you’re always will be. Changes came to our lives and temporarily stopped but it will soon come back because of loving the sport. Carol Nesmith story’s like this one had inspired many cockers around the world. He lived in Blackwater Farm at Novou, Alabama in USA and stopped breeding but he came back because he felt that life without it is not complete.

Also, Carol is considered as one of the legends in American gamefowl scene. His ranking status was next to late Mel Sims and Johnnie Jumper in which as his close friends, they considered them as his idols. They were acquiring chickens from their farms instead of competing while helping each other.

When he’s still a child, he loved cockfighting like other breeders and cockers. He started joining cockfighting in their area until major derbies. He travelled from cockpits to cockpits during his younger years and made good performance. He visited the Philippines for World Slasher Cup, won and made a record. It only shows that his breeding techniques were productive and knows how to produce the best bloodlines. A big time breeder in the Philippines, Biboy Enriquez got his Super Sweater from Carol Nesmith.

Carol Nesmith loves to visit the Philippines because he considered as a haven for cockfighters in the world. Gamefowl industry’s alive in the Philippines and admired its culture. Philippines is a very active country when it comes to cockfighting. Aside from joining World Slasher Cup, he already attended at the World Gamefowl Expo and bid his chicken in this big event. Last time, he also attended the first Gamefowl Festival.

Carol Nesmith’s getting older at 60 but this is not a hindrance to work in his farm. Breeding chickens makes him feel younger and very able to continue what his passion for life. The energy it gets and the successful derbies were far more as a form of exercise. His physical appearance looks good and never worries about retiring someday from breeding. He will pass the inheritance to his son Chris Nesmith – also a breeder like his father. Besides, he has a grandson named Nick who’s also like chicken….what a bloodline!

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