Monday, September 28, 2015

The Power of Bantam Chicken

A bantam (Indonesian: Ayam kate) is a small variety of poultry especially chickens. Etymologically, the name bantam is derived from the city of Bantam - currently known as "Banten Province" or previously "Banten Residency" - once a major seaport, in Indonesia. European sailors restocking on live fowl for sea journeys found the small native breeds of chicken in Southeast Asia to be useful, and any such small poultry came to be known as a bantam.

Most large chicken breeds have a bantam counterpart, sometimes referred to as a miniature. Miniatures are usually one-fifth to one-quarter the size of the standard breed, but they are expected to exhibit all of the standard breed's characteristics.

Have you watch or participates in Bantam derby? Bantam chicken is cute and unique; but if you see it, you’ll think that it’s a weak kind. Cockfighting for bantams is really true but very different of course. If you compare Bantam derby to human, it seems it is fight between children. Bantam derby is truly amazing to watch with small gaff and low in weight. The system of the game is almost the same to the normal derby.

Bantam chickens are not brave as big chickens. They don’t have an instinct to kill their opponents and some of them are running in the midst of the fight. But there is also bantam chicken which is very strong and always ready to battle. Other breeders are crossing with Hatch, Sweater, lemon, Albany or any bloodline they could think; the experiment still going strong for this kind of breeding.

There are some breeders concentrating with Bantam lines. Because they believe that they can establish their names through bantam derby. They know that they have a lot of competitors in a normal derby. But in bantam derby, they have a chance to shine. In the Philippines this is very popular in Pampanga, Tarlac and in other provinces. There are also associations dedicated for Bantam breeders and cockers.

The Bantam story is popular as David and Goliath - evidence that size doesn't matter in cockfighting. Before basketball, wrestling, mixed martial arts and others sports were becoming popular, the cockfighting was already there in Pampanga. It seems that this was old as the human civilization. But no one can pinpoint who were the first persons who played cockfighting? We only knew that gamefowl birds were born to fight.

Watch the video here (Courtesy of Julz Lacap):

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Patrick "Idol" Antonio, an Icon in Philippine Cockfighting

He was considered as one of the institution in cockfighting in the Philippines. A well-known cocker and idol for many Filipinos including prominent breeders like Biboy Enriquez because of his expertise in the field cockfighting. His name is Patrick Antonio, a 6th time World Slasher Cup Champion and a consistent contender in that prestige derby. He’s always joining in other big derbies like Candelaria International Derby, BAKBAKAN, NCA and many more.

The reason why Patrick Antonio became a household name, it’s because aside from World Slasher Cup Champion he’s also a multiple NCA Breeder of the Year. He’s famous in every part of the Philippines; his name has always been cited in every gathering and set as an example of a good chicken man. He’s a hands-on kind of breeder in every fight and the one who put his gamefowl on cockpit arena. Other cockers are not doing this because they’re afraid to be hit by the gaff of their chicken.

He achieved many championships and making noise in the world of cockfighting since 1980’s. Of course, like any other sports, losing is not an option. Winning is always the focus and first priority of his cockfighting endeavor. But sometimes, unlucky, it came once in a while but it doesn’t affect his popularity.

He has a gamefowl product called Sagupaan wherein, his fans also using it. Patrick Antonio was already an established name because he’s very good in terms of chicken selection. He knows how to work with chickens and trained to be more competitive through good performance. Patrick is a breeder with good bloodlines and many more.

Why other big time breeders are not good as Patrick?

Patrick Antonio answered, “Resources are a big factor in chicken breeding but exploring natural talent to be successful is tough.” Other believed that not all chickens on his farm are his own but instead buying from other breeders and trained it to his farm.

In person, Patrick is very calm but not snobbish. Others call him “idol” but he will only smile to them. A very popular man but he always stays his foot on the ground. Patrick is not boastful but also a good cocker-breeder with good heart, that’s why his kindness paved him to be a politician.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Robie Yu Panis,Princess of Philippine Cockfighting

She’s beautiful with natural charisma but notorious in cockfighting world. Some knew her as humble and kind that every cocker would love. She’s already featured in various TV programs and magazines. She is no other than Robie Yu Panis, the Lady Gaffer star.

She was recruited by Biboy Enriquez to work as a farm receptionist estimating the client status, replying to all inquiries and was promoted as farm manager – overall in-charge of the operations of Firebird Farm. Before, Robie worked as a receptionist in a fitness center and a hotel owned by Biboy. once she dreamed to be a flight attendant. She was amazed why she’s part of the cockfighting industry but never regretted because she’s earning decent income with her current job.

Robie was a lady gaffer - usually a male job in cockpit arena. But why she’s doing this work? It’s a chance of a lifetime for beautiful lady like her. Biboy Enriquez enrolled her in a seminar with Teddy Tanchanco and one of the subjects is about gaffing. She’s undergoing gaffing lessons of course by the veteran gaffers like Jun Gayosa, Noli Estrellado and Albert Margen. Now, she was known as the first lady gaffer in the Philippines while others call her Queen Gaffer. She’ll be happier if you’ll call her Princess Gaffer. Biboy Enriquez was fond of recruiting lady workers to his farm.

Robie Yu Panis Firebird Gamefarm’s gaffer was always seen holding her gaffing materials every cockfighting session. Male cockers were astounded by her gaffer skills and also her beauty, but beware she’s tough. There are some cockers who underestimate and teasing her because cockfighting is a men’s sport. Her reason was, “If men could gaff, the lady’s too!”  But according to her, it’s not matter what’s your sex preference, the important is you could do a good job. There’s nothing special with a lady gaffer, but the skills and good touch in chicken counts a lot. At first fight, she also feels nervous but she becomes aggressive in their next fight. Like a soldier when gets wounded, she will be fighting more and more.

Osang Dela Cruz, Lady Idol in Philippine Cockfighting

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Osang de la Cruz is one of the top lady cockers in the Philippines that changed the perception of cockfighting as a gentlemen’s sport. Even women nowadays are participating in this kind of sport. She has a soft voice and gentle moves but in cockfighting she never afraid of anyone. She challenges everyone when she believes that her warrior bird can compete in the cockpit arena. Osang is always present in big-time derbies all over the Philippines.

She is well-known as Osang in the gamefowl industry, owner of Goldquest Champion Gamefarm and uses the name everytime in derbies she attended. A member of Rizal Gamefowl Breeders Association headed by Joey Sy. She has a lot of accomplishments as a cocker because of its two time PCAP Cocker of the Year (2008 and 2010), an RGBA Breeder of the Year in 2007and a solo runner-up in NCA World Championship and Bullang-Bullang Bullstag Derby runner-up in 2009.

In her farm as breeder, Osang have chicken bloodlines came from Mel Sims, Dink Fair, Brazilian Gold and many others. A very hands-on lady cocker and breeder for her chickens together with seriousness for her craft; ensuring that her chickens are in good condition always.

Osang’s husband is a cocker that she accompanied him in the cockpit and by observing the sports, eventually hooked into it. Her husband noticed that she has a good touch with chickens and knows to evaluate a good cock fighter. Her husband gave her the freedom to breed chickens and be involved in gamefowl industry. This was her history and from there on, she reached a milestone to her journey as a breeder and cocker. Her expertise gained respect from other cockers and some companies offered her as product endorser like Power Bullets, Hagibis and Lakpue.

She represents women in cockfighting world and considering her as their idol. She inspired women cockers and aspiration to be like her. She’s a lady cocker who’s a legend in cockfighting and proof that any women can pursue in this kind of sport. Learning the trade is passion but also it coordinates with learning, skills and talent.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Carol Nesmith: An Excellent Gamefowl Breeder in America

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The passion to become a breeder is a lifetime journey and you’re always will be. Changes came to our lives and temporarily stopped but it will soon come back because of loving the sport. Carol Nesmith story’s like this one had inspired many cockers around the world. He lived in Blackwater Farm at Novou, Alabama in USA and stopped breeding but he came back because he felt that life without it is not complete.

Also, Carol is considered as one of the legends in American gamefowl scene. His ranking status was next to late Mel Sims and Johnnie Jumper in which as his close friends, they considered them as his idols. They were acquiring chickens from their farms instead of competing while helping each other.

When he’s still a child, he loved cockfighting like other breeders and cockers. He started joining cockfighting in their area until major derbies. He travelled from cockpits to cockpits during his younger years and made good performance. He visited the Philippines for World Slasher Cup, won and made a record. It only shows that his breeding techniques were productive and knows how to produce the best bloodlines. A big time breeder in the Philippines, Biboy Enriquez got his Super Sweater from Carol Nesmith.

Carol Nesmith loves to visit the Philippines because he considered as a haven for cockfighters in the world. Gamefowl industry’s alive in the Philippines and admired its culture. Philippines is a very active country when it comes to cockfighting. Aside from joining World Slasher Cup, he already attended at the World Gamefowl Expo and bid his chicken in this big event. Last time, he also attended the first Gamefowl Festival.

Carol Nesmith’s getting older at 60 but this is not a hindrance to work in his farm. Breeding chickens makes him feel younger and very able to continue what his passion for life. The energy it gets and the successful derbies were far more as a form of exercise. His physical appearance looks good and never worries about retiring someday from breeding. He will pass the inheritance to his son Chris Nesmith – also a breeder like his father. Besides, he has a grandson named Nick who’s also like chicken….what a bloodline!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Undying Love of a Cocker

This poem is dedicated to all the gamefowl enthusiast around the globe.

The love of cocker is fearless
Ever ready to fight like a feathered warrior
Wounded but never defeated
Until my last heartbeat I am with you!

The love of cocker is tenderness
Night and day, I will hold you tenderly 
My love for you is like a fervent prayer 
I wish to heaven the life everlasting.

If you love me, undying care I will give
Together with my cocks, we feel the happiness to live
Do not be jealous of them because you are special
You are their Queen and they’ll love you forevermore.

What others will say, do not be deceived
You only had to suffer with me from time to time
Because I was a gambler, always in a cockpit
Betting for my cocks instead of feeding my family?

I’m a Beast…brutal and cruel!
So I forbid you to be with me
Once we’re united I said unto thee harsh
Indeed, what a judgmental beast!

But that's just mere rumors
They’re just wagging their tongues 
Only, they not fully understand the cockfighting
It's a sport not just gambling as what they thought.

If I'm willing to gamble madly
Not money, I would risk to bet my honor and integrity
They know they are losing their vices
You can tell the world how sweet to love a cocker!

Promise, in my care, you’ll never have misery 
I will put out the doubt and mistaken idea on you
I can prove to you that I am a true person

As long as you love me, you’ve happiness forevermore!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mamie Lacson,Premier Gamefowl Breeder in the Philippines

Emmanuel "Mamie" Lacson is one of the first premier gamefowl breeder in the Philippines and one of the big man of cockfighting before. He was influenced by his uncle Don Ramon Lacson anf Don Basikli Lopez. When he was in college, he started to learn on how to breed chicken.Until he costructed his own gamefarm inside the sugar plantation of Hacienda Zaragosa located at Maao, Negros Occidental. Later, he transfrred his gamefarm in Mambukal, Murcia in the land owned by his wife.

Harold Brown, the American breeder helped Mamie in layouting of his farm and he called it Cirle L Gamefarm. He knew this American breeder in the year 1964 and until then, he became his mentor in gamefowl breeding. Because of his connection with Harold Brown, he got an accest with Curtis Black, Johnnie Jumper, Oscar Akins and other American Breeders. They got his broodstock from them. Of course, he got cocks from Harold Brown.

It's Mamie who's known as the father of the gamefowl breeders association created in Negros, including the United Negros Breeders Association (UNEGBA) who made the  first derby circuit in Bacolod City. This association also hosted the Western Visayas International Derby in which Mamie participated together with Richard Bates who presented as a runner-up.

In 1980, Mamie created the Negros Gamefowl Breeders Associoation (NGBA) that he managed for 2 consecutive terms. The NGBA organized the first stag derbies outside Manila. In the year 1992, he founded the Gamefowl Breeders Association of Negros GFBAN). He led this association for two terms.

One of the championship that Mamie won was in First National Breeders 6-Stag Derby in Teresa Square Garden. He gor a perfect score using his feather warriors that he called "Black Stags" show of Bleface Mclean Hatches and Hatch Grey.

Mamie Lacson died in the year 2000 while serving as lay minister in one of the church in Bacolod City. Before he died, he served as head of GFBAN's advisory Group. To prove that until his last breath,he has the blood of being a cock breeder. He was long gone but his name etched in the history of cockfighting in the Philippines. Joey Lacson, his son, inherited the Circle L Gamefarm and continued its journey in the cockfighting world. 

World Slasher Cup: The Dream Derby for Cockers

The World Slasher Cup is considered to be the first International Derby in the Philippines. It’s held two times in a year during May and June. It was headed by Nene Araneta whose famous not only in business but also in cockfighting. The World Slasher Cup was attended by Filipino and foreign cock breeders.

Smart Araneta Coliseum’s the venue for the event and it lasts in a week, from 8-cock to 9-cock derby. It means that it gets stronger for the passing of time.

The presscon of World Slasher Cup usually held at Gateway Mall and in Balai, near the Farmers Plaza in front of EDSA. If you’re on a media group, it’s very amazing to attend because Nene Araneta brought some beauty contestants for Binibining Pilipinas or international beauty contest. The beautiful women were holding cocks while the ritual of World Slasher Cup’s going on. This ritual’s done a day before the start of derby. The presence of Dicky Lim, Nene Abello, Engr. Sonny Lago, Boy Marzo were prominent and other guests too.

Before, it was only the big time cockers were winning on this derby like Peping Cojuangco, Patrick Antonio and others. But when Rey Briones of Spartan Famefarm won, it changed the course of the cup derby because it gave other cockers a chance to win. According to Tata Rey Briones, he’s from marginalized cock breeder, but because of World Slasher Cup, his cockfighting career moved higher. He elevated his small gamefarm into a huge one while using his win. And, while he’s famous, more breeders were buying his fighter cocks. He proved that it’s not a chance in winning the cup once but for many times and that because of his bred-cocks.

Aside from Tata Rey, a non-famous breeder Engr. Sonny Magtibay of Red Cobra Gamefarm also won the cup. But before his streak, he’s a financier of Boy Tanyag of CRB Gamefarm, then, won in BAKBAKAN. Also, because of Engr. Magtibay’s win, big gamefowl feeds company got him as product endorser. Even though Engr. Magtibay won only once in World Slasher Cup, the prestige being a champion; it’s already etched in the history of cockfighting.

There were more simple cockers participated in this event but they find their own financiers. If not, they coordinated financially to be with this derby because the pot money was huge enough for them; but for big-time cockers, the pot money’s just “chicken feed.” Whoever cockers you ask, for sure they’ll answer - they dream to become World Slasher Cup Champion!

Peruvian Craze in the Philippines

Photo from
           At present, Peruvian chicken breed is famous here in the Philippines. More Filipinos engaged in cockfighting are breeding this kind of chicken because of its ability and style when it comes to fighting other cocks. When conditioned properly, not only as a multiple shuffler kind but it has stamina and strength. But, be very careful in handling this breed all throughout the sparring session.

            Some people engaged in cockfighting are wondering why breeding this kind of cock when in fact, it has 3 to 6 kilograms in weight which is not acceptable in the cockpit arena here in our country. There’s weight limit in every normal cockfighting and Peruvian breed cocks are not included, right? One more thing, this breed won’t go unnoticed by its weight but also its strength. But right now, this is not a problem anymore!

            Of course, there’s no Peruvian Derby here in the Philippines but they can lessen its weight. More Filipinos are into cross-breeding this Peruvian cocks with Western fowls.  One of them is Mr. Vic Lacsao, the BAKBAKAN 2012 Champion who managed to cross-breed and conditioned his cocks for fighting. But some Filipinos preferred pure Peruvian-bred because they are selling outside the Philippines like Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.

            According to Ultimate Fowl Wikipedia, Peruvian gamefowl comes from Peru and are a fairly old breed of gamefowl, dating back to the 1600s possibly earlier. They were developed by crossing 7 various Oriental gamefowl with Old English Games and Spanish gamefowl. The Oriental breeds mentioned mostly were Shamos, Jungle fowl, Sumatra, Malay, and Asil as well. This chicken breed has different in size and strength.  The best example of these cock breed are Asil and Shamos. That’s why they are expensive compare to Western fowls.

            The Peruvian chicken breed is famous right now for Filipinos but we can never say until when? Breeding of this kind is still on-going for most people.  Maybe it’s possible, that in the future, there’s Peruvian Derby everywhere. Well, of course, it depends for the cockfighting enthusiast to continue this breeding craze in cockfighting.

Dink Fair, Veteran Gamefowl Breeder in America

 It was Dink Fair of Spring Creek Gamefarm considered to be one of the veteran cocker. His breeding cocks were famous for cockers all over the world. 

He’s nine (9) years old when Dink Fair knew about the world of cockfighting. He’s so amazed while watching the cock’s fight to each other and inclined to love it.

You know what? Dink Fair worked in the chicken farm before he became famous as gamefowl breeder of the world? He stopped being a breeder when he went to Vietnam War. After the war, he came back breeding cocks for cockfighting and very fortunate for his career as breeder because of his cockfighting breeds.

Unfortunately, one day, he falls from a tree trying to catch the roosters. He got a broken arm that made his life miserable. After the unfortunate moment happened to him, he put the White Hackle to fight in Kansas, Texas and won. He used the prize money to pay the rent and other expenses.

Dink Fair has different breeds of cock including Albany-bred that he got from Johnney Moore. Also, he has Kelso and Chocolate Grey from Johnnie Jumper. The Chocolate Grey-bred was paired with the Roundhead that he got from Junior Belt.

His Pussom and Sweater breeds - he got from Carol Nesmith. The Sweater was his favorite because he observed that it can fight with strength and power. He partnered Carol Nesmith because of his fond in Sweater-bred cocks until he named it Dink Sweater.

Dink Fair has $5,000 cock which he paired with Radio-bred hen for one year. He produced 40 chickens that gave him 36 wins, 2 defeats and 2 even at Long Knife Derby in Sunset.

Because of his fortunate wins, other people thought that he has complete breeds, but it did not hinder him to stop. Dink Fair was already a veteran in breeding cocks but he kept on finding the best bloodlines from his inventory. For him, it’s very important that he knows the bloodlines of his cocks. But never forget the original system of breeding cocks that gave winning streaks. He tried other ways in pairing some bloodlines but it gave negative result. The most vital thing in breeding was keeping the original bloodlines while experimenting to other breeding system.

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Sweater Gamefowl History

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Worldwide gamefowl breeders always want to know how each bloodline fights, and how they match up against each other.  Most gamefowl breeders won't even tell you which rooster is the best. But knowing how each bloodline fights gives you the edge to ascertain the character of the gamecocks.

The Sweater is that winning breed that brawls its opponents into submission.  They have excellent strength and power that their relentless attacks simply overwhelm their opponent.  Infusions into their bloodline made them the most feared opponents they are today.  The can fight on the air and on the ground. They have very long feathers, especially at the tail and are red breasted with yellow legs.

Sweaters-bred roosters are on demand for cockfighting. Its history has many versions so far but the most outstanding comes from Johnny Jumper and another respected cocker, who knows the parent fowl all along. Here’s the story how the Sweaters originated.

Sweater McGinnis gave Walter Kelso a yellow legged Hatch cock whose bloodlines are thought to trace back to Harold Browns McLean Hatch. Mr. Kelso bred this cock to his Kelso hens and the offspring from the mating proved to be
outstanding pit cocks. Then, Cecil Davis, a friend of Mr. Kelso had access to Mr. Kelso’s best fowl which he got one of the cocks (from Doc Robinson who also walked cocks for Mr. Kelso. The cock was yellow legged and pea combed) which Mr. Kelso raised from the Sweater McGinnis Hatch cock and bred of his own into five of his out-and-out Kelso hens. The offspring from this mating were the foundation of the Sweaters.

On the other hand, the original Sweaters were bred by Ira Parks, who was Johnny Jumper's brother-in-law, a very fine man and an excellent breeder of gamefowl. Ira, Johnny and Cecil were at the hub of a group of cockers in northern Mississippi
and Tennessee and several of this group got sweaters from the original mating. Some of his friends have bred the Sweaters without addition of outside blood and have them in their purity today. Other breeders have added infusions of other blood to their Sweaters.

The famous line of Sweaters which is popular today came from Roy Brady, who got some of the first mating of Sweaters, to Sonny Ware, to Odis
Chappell, to Carol Nesmith and the Browns of Mississippi. Odis Chappell let a
number of friends in addition to Carol Nesmith have his Sweaters, so the blood has been distributed rather widely in central Alabama and has excellent blood. For some line of Sweaters produces occasional green legged offspring, usually pullets. Roy Brady said, some Hatch was bred into this line which also carry small amount of Radio blood.

The Sweaters are typically orange-red to light red in color, with yellow legs and pea combs. Dolan Owens of Booneville, Mississippi, acquired some of the early Sweaters and has bred them to uniformly dark, wine red in color, straight comb and white legged.

These two lines of Sweaters show almost no resemblance but the fowl can be bred toward different standards by different breeders in which the two lines will be like two different breeds.

Lastly, Sonny Ware bred some Radio into the Sweaters making them pumpkin in color which most people preferred this color better and breed more for cockfighting.

Who is Your Idol in Cockfighting?

The late Johnie Jumper
 In cockfighting, for sure, every cocker has its own idol to be admired upon while doing the challenges in life. Veteran cockers with popular breeding methods and great ways to build farms are the most-sought after by the beginners. Because of that, their products have good results and patronized by cockers. They knew the bloodlines of their fighter cocks and developed the character of winning when they fight.

Sometimes, some cockers imitated the methods of the veterans and dreaming to be popular someday. There’s nothing wrong with it, but knowing their qualities and procedures to build great cocks are to use it as an inspiration. Imitation is just around the corner to help build your own trademark. Honing your talent and skills in cockfighting strengthen your confidence to be one someday.

Do you have an idol in cockfighting? First on the line is “Idol” himself, who got the name because of his popularity in building his own feeds company and became a representative of a party-list. Idol Patrick Antonio is a great cocker, businessman and politician. He knew his stand when it comes to cockfighting and also knew how to be popular in life. He has that edge in calculating the rigors in building positive connections.

Next, in terms of breeding gamecocks, the names of Biboy Enriquez and Nene Abello evolved. These two gentlemen from Bacolod City are very popular with their Sweaters. They are both veterans in cockfighting and during this time their chickens are still in demands to the buyers. Bacolod is known as the home of cock breeders like the Lacson Family, Hinlo Family, Lance de la Torre, Mayor Juancho Aguirre and many more.

Some cockers love the Greys and the Lemon Guapo of Mayor Juancho Aguirre. The looks attracted them and the ways to build fighter cocks with good results. They bred it according to their methods and procedures. Training their cocks were much more than just an enjoyment but passion comes from within.

For lady cockers, Osang Dela Cruz and Robi Yu Panis, a lady gaffer and a farm manager of Firebird Gamefarm owned by Biboy Enriquez. These two ladies became an idol in the Philippine cockfighting scene and inviting ladies that they should also try to enter into the world of cockfighting. Likewise, they influenced the truth about cockfighting and proved that gender is not an option anymore.

Idolizing cockers in the world of cockfighting, foreign breeders too have a place in Philippine arena like the American Breeders. Filipino cockers are still importing chickens from them and improved the bloodlines through learning to crossbreed. The famous foreign people in cockfighting are Carol Nesmith, Mel Sims, Johnie Jumper and believed to be idols for some Filipino cockers.

But do you believe that there are few cockers, don’t idolize any breeders? Maybe because they wanted their own breeding cocks as winner and believed that all cockers were equal.

So, it is not a big deal if you have an idol in cockfighting; developed your fighting cocks according to your intuition, do the right thing and aim high to be successful. Impression is nothing but proving your worth’s fulfilment!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Beginner’s Guide to Breed Chicken

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Breeding chickens usually takes time, energy and money to continue the way other famous cockers had done for their fighter cocks. But the first thing to do if you want to be in the circle’s to learn as a beginner and your motivation to go on by asking yourself, “Is it really what I want in life, to be a cocker?” When your answer is yes, then, push yourself to be one.

Usually, as a beginner, hesitation comes in and many questions you want explore but this is only natural. Expert breeders taught the beginners to acquire the best materials from respected breeders. Of course, some are expensive but worth it to start this way than the cheap ones. Remember, chicken hybrids consume the same amount of feeds and it’s better to begin with the best quality.

What’s the use of starting a poor quality bloodline chickens that usually give negative results? Your financial capability counts a lot and the way you project your dream to become one. At the end of the day, breeding quality chickens are the first and foremost for most breeders. Maintaining your preferred bloodlines is the most vital thing to do as a beginner. Learn and experiment to create for yourself as an ego-booster for a cocker.

Learn to know the right combination of bloodlines and maintain it as much as possible for easy monitoring and development. Choose among the famous quality like Kelso, Sweater, Roundhead, etc. and focus to the way you want it while learning the ropes as a cocker.

Select and choose from the signature bloodlines like Sweater by Carol Nesmith of America. In the Philippines, to name a few breeders; Mayor Juancho Aguirre is known for his Grey and Lemon Guapo, GenGen Arayata known for his Bulik; Lance Dela Torre is known for his Boston Roundhead and many more. But before finalizing your initial bloodlines be sure to ask the record, composition, characteristic of their parents and some other information that you could get.

The next step is to see in actual how the bloodlines of chickens fight in front of your eyes. Spar the chicken first and know its fighting-style and observe very well.
Of course, breeding is not an easy task because this is a trial and error experience. Because of that process, we should learn. But you could decrease your error by getting the advice of some veteran breeders who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Beautiful Body Type of a Chicken

Photo credit to the owner

Different breeders have choices when selecting the quality of chickens to breed and maintain. Some preferred the looks of Sweater but others explored the fighting-style and performance. The bloodlines of chickens are the most important thing to consider when selecting an option.

Sweater create looks and characteristic too when it comes to fighting. But the most important thing is the performance; likewise, the looks and body type of a chicken. Moreover, it’s your choice that really matter but considering the veteran’s cocker understanding of some chicken breeds.

So, how do we choose the body type of breeding material or fighting cock according to your choice? There is always common denominator for selecting the best fighter chicken as much as possible. Let’s say like an athlete, it needs stamina and energy to maintain the strong muscles for training and great pain it may encounter. The same is true with the chickens, it needs great performance!

Selecting the best part of chicken’s body must be proportioned. Likewise, it is very important indeed! On the other hand, medium body size has a lot of advantages when it comes to fighting in the cockpit. It moves steadily and its easy movement gives advance point to its opponent. But for small and big chickens, they are not comfortable to give faster fighting strikes compare to medium build.

If we compare it to human, it is like a heavy guy who has slow body movement. If that would happen, just hope you’ll be a loser. And if your chicken has a small body, yes it can move faster, but because if its shortness, there’s a tendency that the gaff can’t reach to the body of the opponent.
Understanding your fighter cocks might not be easy, but learning them carefully will be your worth. Always on the safe side and do the right thing. Never let other cockers intimidate your way of breeding fighter cocks.

So, better on the right track always for a sure win and build confidence for your breeds. Some breeders are combining large broodcock with good quality small hen because there’s a big possibility that the offspring will be a medium chicken. Balance in breeding proved to be the best possible way for success. Now, who will say that size doesn’t matter to chickens?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tamarah de Leon: A Passion for Cockfighting

She is 19-years old, doesn’t like to read love stories in Wattpad, not addicted to K-Pop music and not even know the British Boy Band – One Direction, she is very different from other modern teenager, you know this lady, Tamarah de Leon?

Unique female personality isn’t it? The uniqueness comes from within her love of cockfighting and she involved in this awesome sport!

Tamarah de Leon loves this sport very much, but there’s no cocker within her family. Actually, her mother is against her new found hobby because cockfighting’s a men-dominated world and not suited for a girl like her.

Luckily, her ex-boyfriend is a die-hard cocker which gave her way to fully love the sport. She accompanied him to the cockpit and found the greatness and enjoyed it with vigor. Cockfighting consumed her time with hubby and breeding cocks!

She also discovered that cockfighting gave way to interact with different people from all levels in the Philippine society. She found the comfort in the cockpit and didn’t experience any discrimination whatsoever.

Tamarah truly believed that cockers are very gentlemen and friendly as well because they welcome female members to join the ranks. As a matter of fact, ladies already made a record in cockfighting scene here in the Philippines like Osang Dela Cruz and Robie Yu Panis. She has also a dream to be a lady gaffer like Ms. Robie that’s why she wants to learn how to do it.

She experienced how to bet in a derby and how to released fighter cock on a cockpit arena. She really enjoys the sport and loves it through her character. Visiting the farms with friends was consummated when she has time, most likely, farms in Luzon.

She idolized the father and son tandem of Carol and Chris Nesmith of Blackwater Farm because of the consistency of their bloodlines in breeding fighter chickens. And, love the White Kelso because of the clean looks from inside and outside appearance because it represents her beauty and stature; a 5’6” in height, white skin, lovable and former model. Right now, she is a first year college student, taking up engineering course and cockfighting doesn’t affect her studies. She knows how to use her priority in life and graduating from college bounds her ambition. All she wants is to enjoy cockfighting for this is her passion ever since she fell in love with cockfighting.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Women in the World of Cockfighting

In the world of cockfighting, the traditional presumption is that it’s a male-dominated sports and not for females. New generation cockfighting is becoming more flexible than before, and not only limited for men but for women as well. Any gender can join with this kind of sport and they are welcome as well.

Female cockers do also love this sport, they fell in love with it, and fact is they appreciate the beauty of cockfighting even though it’s a bloody one. Their families or relatives are against them, maybe, thinking that it is not suited for a lady. The notion of cockfighting for some people, that this is just a form of gambling and for lazy people. And, there’s nothing new with “cruelty to animals” argument.

Likewise, male cockfighters were also crucified by their families and friends until they will totally convinced them that it’s many positive aspects. Many people made the cockfighting as their livelihood and became successful.

Women involved in cockfighting have different stories to tell on how they entered in gamefowl industry. What a woman’s love with a cocker? Her husband’s love for cockfighting made the famous lady cocker Josefina “Osang” Dela Cruz of Goldquest Gamefarm to learn the ropes and continued joining derbies than her husband. She devoted her time in cockpit to prolong the passion inside.

Second in line was the adorable lady gaffer Robie Yu Panis, farm manager of Firebird Gamefarm, owned by Biboy Enriquez. She was a former hotel receptionist in Sulo Hotel formerly owned by Biboy who hired her as a receptionist in his farm and promoted to a higher position. Robie Yu Panis is the Princess of Gaff because of her pleasing personality that captured the Philippine cockfighting arena. Because of her popularity she was featured several times in magazines and television programs. Through her connection with Biboy Enriquez, she became more popular ever since. She discovered the gamefowl industry and explored it with vigor. Before, she doesn’t have any idea what is cockfighting all about. She became hooked and love the game that Robie influences other critics of the sports to join and discover the beauty of cockfighting.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cockfighting in the Internet World

It cannot be denied that we are on the Internet Age as of now. More information is utilized for internet users all over the world; in one click, information’s feed right away. Likewise, the social media brought unification to all of us. Of course, one of the subject matter in the internet is Bayang Sabungero that uses this new method of technology to inform and educate us about cockfighting.

The good about cockfighting is natural and friendly, not only for personal but for internet too.  Like for example, the Facebook profile page can give the positive image and information about your fighting cock. It gives more likes, comments, shares and followers when it comes to great presentation. Not only that, people with the same interest will share and follow each other which makes them famous and can be trusted upon. Promotions of cock breeding and health products can be pushed-up through making a Facebook page of its own. But when it comes to cockfighting, Facebook is the answer, where people could find friends online and in real life.

When it comes to cockfighting, Sabong.Net website has more members and very energetic for their endeavor. Different topics about cockfighting are being discussed from cock breeding up to cock conditioning. And, because of the internet, cockfighting can be watched through YouTube too! Even on TV, people can view the uploaded video of cock derby at Tukaan or Sabong TV.

Through the internet, live streaming of cockfighting is also available. People can watch anywhere in the Philippines. Even abroad, online cockfighting is available that could erase homesick because there’s no actual cockfighting abroad - it’s against the law of the land. Remember that the Philippines is the capital in cockfighting of the world. But OFWs can “live stream” at Sabong Pinas Live, Sabong eXtreme, My Sabong and many more.

Likewise, more cock breeders are selling their fighting cocks in the internet like OLX, and other sites. This is good way to sell breed-cock online because it’s very easy and very comfortable when the farm’s very far. But sometimes negative transactions do occur and negative element comes in. But trusted cockfighting sites are usually the winner for this kind of transaction.

One of the bad aspects in online selling of breed-cocks: when other sellers use the famous name and cannot deliver the cock itself. It’s a scam that can be aware of always. It’s better to check thoroughly the site and be sure not to pay beforehand when you’re in doubt.

Cockfighting is a sport (and livelihood to others) that can be proud of but be aware of its negative elements; be it online or in real life. Hoping that others will not use this in a bad way to cheat other people and defeat its purpose.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Culture of Cockfighting

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When you’re on the cockpit, there’s no other deafening noise that can beat it, even in the marketplace. The outcry of the wagers bounds no limit. They’re so excited for the result of the fight. With this kind of game, there’s no rich or poor, everybody’s into betting; be it low or big wagers. But it depends who you’re betting with; even though some famous personalities are into this cockfighting.

Cockfighting is a widespread game across the Philippine archipelago, even in Spanish era. It’s believed that cockfighting came from Luzon because the word “sabong” and “tari” originated from old Tagalog words. But do you know that since 300 B.C. that there’s cockfighting in Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.? And, it’s known in the Kingdom of Persia by Zoroaster. They made this as an example for their daily lives. They educate the people that cockfighting taught them how to fight properly, waking up early in the morning, giving food to their families and protect their wives when they messed up with somebody. Even the famous Greek philosopher Socrates was supporting cockfighting. The famous cockfighting spreads in England who’s well-known for its conservative government. It’s believed that Henry VII made it as a national pastime.

But not all was in favour for cockfighting because it’s some kind of game or vices. Besides, other people treated this as a brutal way to treat fowls. They compared cockfighting like a “Gladiator Fight” long time ago in Rome – a bloody fight between two fighters. The only difference – they’re using cocks for fighting. One more thing, it’s because of cockfighting many families lost their valuables and money. It’s a proven fact that most of the people into cockfighting only depend on good luck.

They reasoned-out that people who are very interested on this cockfighting, that it’s only a sport or leisure. One more thing, cocks are slaughtered-kind of fowls only. The government send their armies into war, why the cocks cannot? They are religious kind of people that they have "Kristo" – others joke about it: they called it "Kristo" because they are outspread their arms when they begin to call, wagers are shouting “meron o wala.”

Friday, September 4, 2015

SABAYAN 7-STAG DERBY, Ready to Start!

       The Federation of International Gamefowl Breeders Association (FIGBA), formerly known as National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders Association (NFGB) had never stopped in finding ideas about cockfighting and offering great derby for people engaged in cockfighting. Other than BAKBAKAN and Bullang-Bullang, there is another great cockfighting event under the Federation. They called it SABAYAN para sa masa 7-STAG DERBY.

       The SABAYAN for sure, will gain more likes from cockfighting crowd and has low pot money amounting to 5,000.00 pesos. Likewise, the minimum bet is 3,300.00 pesos only but the guaranteed prize is 10,000,000.00 pesos.

        SABAYAN is very different compare to the past derby of FIGBA. It’s not only one or few could win the championship, but associations under the Federation have a chance to win too. The SABAYAN have 3-4 format; 3-stag elimination for each association in their respective places and the participants who could get 2 to 4 points has a chance to participate in 4-stag final. Then, a simultaneous event will take place at a given cockfighting place, considered and agreed by the association.

        The FIGBA is founded in the year 2000 and presently under the leadership of Mr. Ricoy Palmares, Jr.  Changing of the Federation’s name is a part of their strategy to spread among nearby Asian countries.  Like BAKBAKAN and Bullang-Bullang, the leaders of FIGBA hope that SABAYAN has its place in the history of cockfighting in the Philippines.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Power of Peruvian Chicken!

        Peruvian gamefowl chicken is a trend nowadays in the Philippines although they can't fight it here because it is not appropriate to the standard of cockpits. What they are doing is they mix it with the Western fowl. Some breeders observed that since they crossed their chicken with Peruvian, it became stronger or powerful.

      By the way, here is the one of the fight of Peruvian and you will impress with this chicken after you watched this video.
Watch the video here:

The Fight of One Legged Rooster

                 Filipinos really love cockfighting. Where ever you go, you will see roosters, even the poorest one is taking care gamefowl in their backyard. This is a proof that cockfighting is already a part of our culture. Anyway, in our country there is a different derby like bantam derby, stag derby, cock derby, bullstag derby, etc. But the video that we featured in this site is really unique. The owner of one rooster agreed to fight his chicken even it has only one leg. Yes, it has a gaff also, but you will ask yourself, how the chicken could defeat his chicken if he has one leg only? It is like you’re a contestant in a marathon but you have a limp foot. It is impossible to win unless the fight is fair or the opponent of your rooster is also a one legged.

                Maybe this fight is just for fun. Let us see the video to find out what would be the result of this another crazy fight!