Monday, March 27, 2017

Brotherhood in Cockfighting

The thing about cockfighting is that majority never experienced the positive aspect of the sport. It’s really hard to comprehend the life of cockers as another dimension of the righteous people. But you know, cockers are one of the friendliest persons in the world because it is easy for them to connect in any they can.

Meeting them in a casual way could give you the environment that you never experienced before. They are very gentle and open to any subject during the entire conversation. Well, maybe, cockfighting as a sport gives an aura of brotherhood instinct especially when the topic about chickens – it seems that there will be no tomorrow.

Cockers are very modest not only because they are honest with their dealings but because of the bond that binds them all. The information that they shared is very informative to your likings and never goes astray. The sportsmanship within each cocker is truly vulnerable to misbehaviour.

Betting is part of the game and cockers don’t have any bad feelings to anyone when lost in competition. They knew that cockfighting is a friendly game; not just a competition. Actually, they reach out to competitors and congratulate them for their success. Nothing is personal for them but it’s just a game all throughout. They made a better person out of cockfighting because there’s always a next time to excel someday.

Facebook and other social media add to the brotherhood of cockers. The friendship goes beyond to the actual event in the cockpit arena. Well, of course, knowing someone in the virtual world means gaining the bond for each cocker. There’s a feeling that they are allied and they will also appreciate us. This is the beginning of another friendship and connections. This is the reason why many cockers had already reached the maximum amount of friends in Facebook and nowadays, internet plays a vital role in cockfighting.

The bond and friendship in cockfighting world is not only limited inside the cockpit but also in social media. It is not just about chicken talk; it also extends to personal lives. Some of the cockers met because of business partnership, supplier or any other concepts about chickens. And, that’s the start of good business relation with each other.

Well, that’s the magic of cockfighting. Many cockers testifying that since they involved with our sport the number of friends was tremendously increased. Thus, given much time to reflect with this kind of trade, it will continue to expand otherwise.

The circle of friend gives much confidence to every cocker and camaraderie is very strong. It’s like a fraternity in military wherein relationship blossomed overtime. The important aspect is cockfighting have unity to nurture and make a stand to fight against from the groups who are against cockfighting.

Majority knew that cockfighting as a sport is getting better compared to the previous years. This is happening now because of fervent support by cockfighting enthusiasts to the industry. It really helped the economy by creating gamefowl products and other services.

Here lies the fun and enjoyment coupled with friendship; cockfighting brotherhood moves its height in the future.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Entry Names in Cockfighting

Nowadays, different companies have their own ways in reaching-out for their customers or clients. The marketing strategies that they apply in order to capture the locals and people around the world with ease are very normal. The very essence of entry names in all aspects of business-related establishments are clearly seen in the modern technology.

In cockfighting, entry name in joining a derby is a must to distinguish the owner or the team involved. Likewise, the opportunities to advertise the sponsor, company or the name of the owner’s farm itself. Moreover, cockers really wanted to be connected to the winning name by default. And, of course, the fame and the business endeavour related kind of influence and connection.

Integration with the sponsor name is the most common wherein recognizing their help to this trade. Without them, maybe we can’t join in a derby have a high pot money.

Some cockers joining a derby would use the name of their loved ones as entry name. There are different reasons why they’re doing this way.  Sometimes, other cockers believed for the luck when doing so. Well, as always, using names that captures any cockers’ heart would advantageous to them. The entry name is a matter of personal choice for individual cocker.

The most common from breeders or cockers point-of-view is that advertising the products name could elevate the products into another dimension. Knowing the positive aspects of spreading the name of the products and services can be truly gain fame and revenues in the long run.

Advertised business products from suppliers could give sponsorship to cockers and breeders alike. Promotion is a way of life and every business needs to be pushed through the target market especially cockfighting. We knew for sure that this is the marketing strategy of every establishment that caters to chickens.

Remember the name “Thunderbird” - an entry is owned by a big company of gamefowl products. It is the entry name of Amado Araneta! Then, other entries are promoting a particular date of a derby. So, by doing this they are inviting the audience to join also to their derby. They encouraged target potential customers as easy as ABC.

Different entry name connotes different concepts of the gamefowl products that came along with it. But the thing is, it must be masculine in form and meaning (especially for the feeds and health of chickens) like Toro, Cobra, Lion, etc. While other cockers like to use the word like terminator, assassin and any other strong words. What would be your reaction if you hear that there is an entry has a name like this?

Therefore, luckily, cockers can really distinguish the entry names when joining a derby. An attention-catching name can give luck to your fighter chicken in return. It’s like a trademark of your endeavor in cockfighting and personality as well. Recognition for your entry as an owner can help uplift your self-esteem.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Labanan ng Cockerels, Trending sa Social Media!

        Kumakalat ngayon ang video kung saan makikita na ang dalawang cockerels ay pinagsasabong. Nangyayari ang ganitong laban sa Bali, Indonesia. Gaya nating mga Pinoy ay mahilig din ang mga tao roon sa sabong o pagmamanok. Maraming sa mga sabungero na natuwa dahil kahit ang babata pa ng mga manok ay makikitaan na sila ng gameness. Biro naman ng iba na sa ginagawa nila ay di na ito aabot sa stag derby dahil sisiw pa nga lang ay inilalaban nila. Tipid daw sa patuka kapag ganito. Hiling pa nga ng iba, sana ay magkaroon din ng ganito sa Pilipinas.

Panoorin ang video:

Saturday, February 4, 2017

How to be a Promoter in Cockfighting?

In a any business world today, marketing and promotion are the vital aspects in spreading the concept of every business either in the internet or traditional ways. Business-minded entrepreneurs are moving their butts to create things that dictate to their likings and more than that, the new innovations always the focus of every organization to eliminate failures.

Moreover, in cockfighting industry promotion too, is very important to gain followers and instil trust to every breeders and cockers. Usually, promoters of this kind of trade had experienced difficulties in organizing such events. It’s not easy but it can develop into an enterprising world wherein the gamefowl industry could be your own shell for resources.

According to some promoters, organizing a derby is an easy task. It doesn't mean that if you have a bunch of money, you can do it already. There are many things you should consider before you can proceed to your plan.

First and foremost, is that you know what you are doing and the goals that come with it. Secondly, you are trusted by the industry and your integrity speaks with your personality. Other criteria are: they are accepting all the invitations that they are receiving from other promoters. It means that they are investing their money, time and effort. So, next time, they can also invite the people who invited them. It is just a matter of give and take or give and you shall receive. This is their way to become familiar to many cockfighters. Lastly, you need to be friendly if you want to widen your network and influence. So, you must use your PR skills to get the favor of everyone. You need to act like a politician and an admirer who really knows how to court their prospect. But you need to be an honest at all time to build your integrity as a promoter.

With your own resources you can start planning for the cock derby in advance. Laying your knowledge to the different facets of cockfighting and finding ways to move upward with your enthusiasm. It is not necessary that you have a cockpit before you can conduct a derby. Just look for a cockpit that willing to give a schedule for your derby. Talk to the cockpit manager and ask about the details regarding their requirements and rules and regulations.

But always remember that before you close the deal make sure that you have already a concrete plan to your derby. You can devise the actual setting that you think is right for your goals. Like, is it a stag derby, fastest kill, or new style? How much is the pot money, minimum bet and of course the prizes? It is better if it is affordable? So, many cockers can join to your derby. Make sure also that the prize is guaranteed.

Utilize your knowledge in marketing and promotion to gather enough cockers to know the derby. If possible, find a sponsor to help you out with your expenses and prizes. There are many companies out there who are willing to give sponsorship for a derby. Just send them your proposal and state what will be their benefits if they tie-up with you. Do also some gimmicks to get the attentions of your the attendees. Hire movie personalities if you can, organize a beauty contest or singing contest, or a show related to cockfighting.

The last thing you need to do is you should focus on the operation-side and marketing strategy. Your team should be knowledgeable with the event and fully utilize their productivity. Invite cockers or people with influence that could create positive image to your derby and to yourself.

Manok na Dalawa ang Naging Kalaban, Viral sa Internet!

         Pinag-uusapan ngayon ng mga sabungero sa social media ang video ng isang tupada kung saan dalawa ang naging kalaban ng isang manok. Pagkatapos kasing manalo ng manok ay inilaban uli ito sa isa pa at nanalo uli. Marami tuloy sa mga nakapanood ang humanga dahil sa husay nang naturang manok. Anila'y kakaiba ang power at gameness mayroon ang manok na ito.

Panoorin ang video:

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Doc Ronnie Magbalon: Astig na Bulik Breeder

            Kung mayroong beterinaryo ng manok na kilala sa bansa, isa na rito si Doc Ronnie Magbalon ng RGM Gamefarm. Katunayan, naging consultant na siya ng mga may-ari ng malalaking farm gaya nina Nene Araneta, Bong Pineda, Boy Gamilla, Chito Reyes at iba pa. Bukod dito ay minsan na rin siyang itinanghal bilang BAKBAKAN champion, ito ay noong 2010 kasama ang kanyang kumpare na si Engr. Ralph Daigo. Karamihan ng mga manok na ginamit nila rito ay ang Bulik. Nakaiskor sila ng 9 wins at 1 draw. 

            Ang Bulik ni Doc Magbalon ay nakuha niya mula kay GenGen Arayata na minsan na rin naging BAKBAkAN champion at naging back-to-back champion pa sa World Slasher Cup. Nagustuhan niya ang Bulik dahil matalino ito. Kaya raw kasi nitong mag-adjust sa anumang klase ng laro ng kalaban. Naniniwala siya na kapag magaling ang paa ng manok ay 'di na kailangan ng maraming palo. Kung kaya't 'di na niya masyadong pinagtutuunan ng pansin ang fighting style ng manok.

             Pero alam n'yo ba mga kasabong, na kahit noong bata pa lang si Doc Ronnie ay mahilig na talaga siya sa Bulik? Nagkataon lang diumano na nakakuha siya ng Bulik sa isang respetadong breeder pagkatapos ay dinebelop na lang niya ito.

            Para kay Doc Ronnie, hindi lang ang karangalan ang kanyang natamo noong siya ay magkampeon sa BAKBAKAN kundi naging tulay din ito para makatulong siya sa mga backyard breeder. Ito ay sa pamamagitan ng pagbabahagi niya ng kanyang kaalaman sa pagmamanok tuwing siya ay naiimbitahan na magsalita sa seminar.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dating BAKBAKAN Champion na si Mayor Bobby Clemente, Pumanaw na

Pumanaw na si Mayor Bobby Clemente ng Paoay, Ilocos Norte, isang masugid na breeder at sabungero. Ayon sa ulat, pumanaw ang butuhing alkalde habang siya ay naglalaban ng manok sa loob ng sabungan.

Si Mayor Clemente ay kabilang sa mahabang listahan ng mga nagkampeon sa BAKBAKAN na inuorganisa ng FIGBA, dating kilala sa tawag na NFGB. Nagkampeon siya rito noong 2004.